Wednesday, August 6, 2014



B4 I make fun on ah ben , let take a look at Haven resorts in Ipoh,  d resorts I stayed  last week , this resorts or condo located not far away from lost world Tambun , about 3 km away from Ipoh town , quite a nice place 2 stay with very good environmental .

D owner of this condo is my friend , hence I get a best rate of RM 400 per night , 4 rooms with attached bathroom n fully renovated .

It is worth 2 stay here  4 a day or  2 , Jalan jalan  n makan makan  ard Ipoh  is quite fun n very enjoyable.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

^V^ Redang Island ..still as beautiful as b4 ^V^


Just came back from Redang Island.. I been there 11 years ago n it is still as beautiful as b4 ^_-

Holidays in Redang  without snorkeling is like makan nasi lemak without sambal .

D sea water there  is so clear till u can see fishes swimming  ard u . 4 those who never been there ,besides Sipadan in Sabah  ,  this is d place u must pay a visit ..U WILL NEVER REGRET !

Recommended Resorts :-

Berjaya Redang or Laguna Redang .

Friday, May 23, 2014

^V^ Char Siew Yoong in Pudu Ulu ^V^


It has been long time I didnt blog up any yummy food here , k..this time is Char Siew !

If u think Ming Kee 's ""char siew in shah alam is d best ?  then u shld try this one called " Char Siew Yoong " in Pudu ulu , same role with PGRM Cheras  . she d best ? I think top 3 char siew in Malaysia shouldnt be a problem at all , must try ! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

^V^ 肥水不流别人田, I like all these yummy foods especially d name of d dishes ^V^


It has been long time I didnt blog any yummy stuffs in my blog , k..this time ... D BBQ restaurant in Bukit Tinggi  near Genting .

I like d name of d dishes , if u r Chinese ed , u will surely like d way they names their dishes ! AWESOME !

D foods there r delicious n d price is very reasonable.

1) 肥水不流别人田 ( Good stuffs 4 ourselves only )

2) 雪山飞孤 ( Flying wolf in snow mountain )

3)  明月照寒江 ( Bright moon above d cold river )

4) 排山倒海 ( Clear off all d obstacles )

This restaurant is located right behind of BHP petrol station , contact no : 09-2330330 or HP 0123577111

Friday, August 16, 2013

^V^ Kin Hua Nasi Padang JB ^V^


Today Yummy stuff is Nasi Padang JB , , I went 2 Singapore 4 holidays during Hari Raya , my relative brought me 2 this kopitiam called Restoran Kin Hua in Jalan Tan Hiok Nee,  JB .

Fyi, they r selling very yummy Nasi Padang ( Halal ) , d chef is Muslim n d restaurant boss is a Chinese. this Nasi Padang is as good as Yuan Suan Nasi Kandar in Ipoh !

I can see more than 50% of d customers there r Singaporean ^_-

If u ever drop by in JB , this is a must try stuff !

Monday, July 29, 2013

^V^ 2 all , Mr Wong needs yr help . Seafood porridege @ Sepetang Taiping . Beautiful St Anne Church ^V^


If u hv ever drop by in Taiping , there is one must try yummy stuff near Sepetang , about 4 to 5 km from Simpang , if u come from KL , b4 u reach Taiping , u will definitely pass by this place called Simpang , u can see KFC on yr right , once u reach this junction , turn left 2 Kuala Sepetang , about 4 to 5 km away from Simpang , u can see one restaurant called Fu Man Lau ( see d pictures ) .

Its seafood porridge is really yummy , u can add scallop , crap , prawn , lala on it , price is very reasonable , its salad yau cha kuai   oso not bad ^_-

It is a must try yummy stuff in Sepetang, Taiping.

St Anne Festival in Bkt Mertajam , just came back from there , it is one of d most beautiful church I hv ever seen in Malaysia , u guys shld pay a visit 2 this church  , get d feel of d festival ... an awesome experience .

Friday, July 5, 2013

^V^ Banana Leaf Curry Rice @ Brick Field ^V^


It has been long time I didnt updates my yummy food blog ^_-

I was told by my Chinese Friend from China that we Malaysian r very lucky  , they said there is no other place in this world that u can enjoy so many different delicious foods ,  yes , totally agreed with them , we hv Malay , Chinese , Indian , Siam ,Indo , Nyonya ..yummy foods all ard Malaysia ! we r damn lucky esp ppl like me who like 2 EAT !

K.. today special > Indian Banana Leaf curry rice @ Brick field KL.

This yummy restaurant located right opposite of  d office tower ( see d attachment ) near d round about.

Biz hour -24 hour but close on Sunday .